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What are Katio’s dimensions?

The Katio is 18”H x 22”D x 24”W which expands to 48”W total with the side extension panels extended all the way out. So it fits any window from 24”-48”W

How much does Katio weigh?

The manufactured Katio will weigh around 20-25lbs

I have a fat cat, how much weight can the Katio hold?

Katio can hold over 300lbs in your window, but no one has a cat that big! The picture below has 85lbs of kettlebells inside the Katio and it doesn’t even budge - so your kitty is as safe as ours.

Does Katio help prevent litter spread?

Yes, Katio contains litter spread within the box and makes for easy cleanup!

Is it true that Katio is ADA Compliant?

Yes, Katio is ADA Compliant at wheelchair height in your window. This makes Katio really easy to clean without having to bend, kneel down or squat to scoop or change the litter pan.

Can I use Katio year round?

Yes, Katio is completely insulated, so it pretty much maintains the same temperature as inside your house. We know, we’ve tested the Katio in some really cold winters and hot summers without issue.

So I can use Katio in cold/hot climates year round?

Yes, Katio is completely weather & UV proof for year round use. We’ve tested the Katio in extreme cold and hot weather for the past 3 years without issue.

Can Katio fall out my window?

No, it cannot. Once Katio is secured into your window, it’s locked into place. We’ve been using it with our 3 cats for 3 years now, and we wouldn’t risk the safety of our cats, so we certainly wouldn’t with yours!

Can my neighbors see my cat using the litter box?

No, the Katio comes with a 9” privacy panel that blocks anyone from watching your cat do their business.

How does my cat get into the Katio?

Your cat enters into the Katio by jumping up onto the landing and entering through the flap door. If you have an older or injured cat, you can use our optional ramp or steps so your cat can still use the Katio.

Can you use Katio as a window perch too?

Yes, you can easily use the Katio as a window perch by simply removing the litter pan.

Can other animals get into my house through the Katio?

No, the Katio is completely sealed from the inside, so your cat is safe indoors while keeping all the critters out.

How do I secure Katio in my window?

There are several ways to secure your Katio in your window, whether you own your home, rent, have wooden, aluminum or vinyl windows. See the videos for more info.

What if I have a monitored Alarm System?

You can still install a Katio in your window, just like we have for the past 3 years while testing our prototype with our monitored alarm system.

Is Katio involved with Rescue Groups?

Yes, we absolutely love our rescue partners! We’re currently involved with Atlanta Humane Society, Humane Society of Louisiana, GoodMews, AHIMSA House and Rescuegroups.org - which are all posted here on our site under our Rescue Partners and Pet Adoptins tabs. You can adopt a pet anywhere nationwide right on our site! We support only no kill shelters, #AdoptDontShop and spay & neuter as our underlying message.